The key to every good golf swing is having correct set-up and alignment mechanics.
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"T-Tech is designed to benefit golfers of all levels and ages to improve their game and lower their score from tee to green"

It is great for golfers who want an exellent training aid at a great price.
  • Will immediately allow you to analyze your set-up and alignment.
  • Aid the golfer in the set-up and alignment of the clubface.
  • Help the golfer in the alignment position and set-up of their feet.
  • Aid the golfer in positioning their feet and club relative to the ball.
  • Develop consistent body alignment and set-up to the target.
  • Help to give a consistent stance and set-up for each club used.
  • Help golfers of all levels improve their game by correcting their major faults in set-up, aim and alignment.
  • Lower your score and increase your distance, by improving your set-up and alignment to the target.
  • Improve your putting by proper set-up and alignment to the hole.
  • Help you hit the ball straighter, truer, and longer.
  • Properly aligns your feet, body and club parallel to the target.
  • Help you straighten your putting stroke by improving your aim and distance control.
  • Teach you to create different types of fade or draw shots on demand.
  • Designed and manufactured in North America with the highest of quality materials.
  • Folds up compactly to fit into your bag making it a great portable practice tool, small enough to use at home, at the course, traveling etc.
  • Guaranteed to improve your game and lower your score or your money back.


For those looking for the ultimate in improving their game, STL has introduced the "NEW" T-TECH PRO advanced golf alignment tool. Designed for some of the top players, teachers and golf schools, T-TECH PRO offers the benefits of the original T-TECH but with a second fold-out rod assembly that now allows superior body, club and ball allignment to the target by creating a truer perception of body and ball position sight line to the target.
  • Aid the golfer in aligning their ball directly to the target.
  • Allows you to see a true sight line of your body to the target.
  • Exellent for golf teachers to analize what their students are doing during their set-up, alignment and swing.